Jual Bestop Sunrider Hardtop Jeep Rubicon Wrangler freedom Soft Top Jeep Wrangler JL 2018+



mengganti hardtop bagian depan penumpang hardtop mobil jeep wrangler anda dengan half Soft Tops yang dapat dengn mudah merubah tampilan dan fungsi untuk anda dapat lebih dapat menikmati pemandangan alam.
produk ini mudah lepas pasang dan dapat dipasang tanpa harus melakukan modifikasi pada bagian body mobil anda.


Dibuat kusus untuk All new Jeep JL / JT Gladiator yang menggunakan hardtop manual/ non elektrik.

Bestop Sunrider Tops for Hardtop Jeeps

Bestop Sunrider tops for hardtop Jeeps are engineered to be all-weather replacements for the bulky Freedom panels on JK Wranglers with full factory hardtops. They are completely assembled and ready to install. The unique folding design lets you flip the panel back for an open-sky ride, or simply pull it forward and latch the windshield header just like the original panels. Sunrider tops include the folding frame with the fabric pre-installed, plus upper door mounting rails with hardware—no drilling required! Various soft top vinyl looks are available, such as black twill fabric or factory-style black diamond sailcloth fabric.


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Weight 40000 g


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